Tonic Soup

Soup with lingzhi mushrooms (reishi mushroom), lily bulbs and Chinese yams (huai shan) tonifies the heart and calms your nerves

23 November 2012

The soup tonifies the heart and calms your nerves. It is a good regular tonic for people with a jaundiced face and/or suffering from insomnia, fatigue and/or feebleness.

Symptoms of qi depression and obstruction to blood flow include: dark facial complexion, emotional, prone to panda eyes and speckles.

Lily bulb is good for easing worries.

Medicinal properties of lily bulb:

Slightly cold, the herb tastes sweet; it particularly tonifies the lungs and cures a cough; it clears away heart fire and calms the nerves.


1 liang lily bulbs (百合),

1 liang Chinese yams (淮山),

2 liang lingzhi mushrooms (reishi mushroom靈芝),

half a jin chestnuts,

half a jin pork bones,

2 ears of corn chopped into segments, and

add salt to taste.


1.Deshell the chestnuts and soak in hot water for 1 minute and then skin them. Rinse the lingzhi mushrooms and slice them.

2.Put all the ingredients in a pot and add water to 2 inches above them all. Bring it to a boil and turn down the heat to cook for 2 hours. Add salt to taste and serve.


This is a translation of a Chinese article based on information provided by a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Hong Kong. The food remedy information is for reference only; if you have any doubt, please consult a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

*jin, liang and qian are traditional Chinese weight units.

In modern China,

1 jin is equal to 1.102 lb;

1 liang (tael) is equal to 0.1 jin or 50 gm (1.764 oz)

1 qian is equal to 0.1 liang, or exactly 5 gm (0.1764 oz) and

1 fan is equal to 0.1 qian, or exactly 0.5 gm (0.01764 oz).

Source: Translate from Apple Daily