Tonic Soup

Winter melon soup with lotus leaf and Coix seeds (Job’s Tears) – cleanses heat evil and relieves summer-heat evil

14 August 2012
Food remedy in summer: winter melon soup

Sweet tasting and cool-natured, winter melon is a good tonic food in summer. It has these medicinal properties: cleansing heat evil and relieving summer-heat evil; clearing phlegm and stopping a cough; moistening the lungs and promoting body fluid production; diuretic and relieving bloating, beriberi, bloating, consumptive thirst, acne, facial freckles, anal prolapse and piles.

The skin of winter melon is a diuretic that removes excess body fluid and relieves bloating while its seed promotes clearing of phlegm and pus.

Winter melon soup with lotus leaf, white hyacinth beans and Coix seeds (Job’s Tears)

Serving size: 2~4 people


500 gm winter melon (冬瓜);

1 sheet fresh lotus leaf (新鮮荷葉);

15 gm hyacinth beans (扁豆);

20 gm Coix seeds (Job’s Tears 薏仁);

5 bundles soft rush flowers (燈芯花);

10 gm rhizoma alismatis (澤瀉);

12 gm Polyporus umbellatus (Pers.) Fries (豬苓);

20 gm Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome (土茯苓); and

12 gm Bombax ceiba flowers (木棉花).


1. Rinse and clean the winter melon and cut into slices.

2. Rinse and clean all other ingredients before soaking in water for 15 minutes.

3. Rinse and clean the lotus leaf.

4. Place all the ingredients in an earthenware pot and add 2000 ml of water (about 8 bowls).

5. Bring it to a boil over high heat before turning to low heat to cook for 2 hours.

6. Add a pinch of salt.

Medicinal properties:

This soup is a good tonic hot summer days when people get thirsty and agitated; suffer from accumulation of heat evil in the lungs and a cough, a lot of thick yellow phlegm, frequent urination with a burning sensation but little urine, canker sores and itchy skin.


This is a translation of a Chinese article based on information provided by a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Hong Kong. The food remedy information is for reference only; if you have any doubt, please consult a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner.