Personal Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

9 November 2011

1. The correst way to brush teeth:

Use soft-bristled toothbrushes

Press the toothbrush gently against the gum at an angle of 45 degrees,brush gently with a circular motion

Note:A cylindrical foam padding may be placed around the toothbrush handle to improve the grip

2. Oral Care

Applicable when one cannot rinse out mouth or sit up

Required items include:

A waste bucket, tissue paper, drinking water, bowls, cotton balls, cotton buds, lip balm, a face towel, disposable gloves, a pair of self-locking tweezers.

Main points:

Before cleaning, check for any cuts or swelling and remove dentures


Oral cavity > teeth (including gum lines) > Clean oral cavity again > tongue

Drain away excess water from the cotton balls before cleaning the oral cavity with the cotton balls

Dispose of the cotton balls and cotton buds after each use

3. Denture Care

Wash dentures over a basin of water

Store dentures in a glass of clean water

Always remove dentures before going to bed

Wet the dentures before putting on

Don't adjust the dentures yourself

Don't soak dentures in hot water

Don't eat food that is hard or sticky

Source: The University of Hong Kong - Care for the Elderly